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This will matter to nobody but me, but I finally got a lens for the Pentax SP1000 I got off of eBay for my photo class. (It works a treat, except the internal light meter isn't quite working but that probably just means it needs a new battery.) The camera came with a telephoto lens, which is fine but obviously that limits me to, like, nature shots and paparazzi pictures. So I got a regular 50mm lens, again, off of eBay. Like an idiot, I didn't realize I'd gotten a K mount lens for a screw mount body, and duh there is no adapter since the K mount thread itself is bigger than the screw mount on my camera.

I don't want to wait to order again on eBay, and ugh, I don't want to spend more than $50 on this. I'm not buying a $150 lens for a camera for a class.

What is a normal price for a 50mm screw mount lens?


um omg.

The Mighty Boosh possibly TOURING AMERICA. Not sure when or where (oh please god Chicago). Also, DVD sets definitely coming out soon.


nnngh baked goods

I kind of can't believe I've never stepped foot in Alliance Bakery before. I don't know what people's gripes about it are, and frankly I don't care. I've had birthday cake from there that was pretty fantastic (vanilla cake and raspberry filling), and just now I had a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting.

Holy lord.

It's wasn't so much a cupcake as it was a mini cake - it was housed in one of those high-walled paper cup things you'd usually find with cheesecake tarts or something. I almost found the cake suspect, because it was so perfect texture-wise, like a cake mix from the box but without the greasiness. The chocolate flavor was incredibly subtle and didn't hit right away, like how I think red velvet cake should taste. And the cream cheese frosting balanced the light flavor with a heavier texture, a more immediate sweetness and a sharp note from the cream cheese. Basically it ruled.

Maybe I'll make chocolate chip cookies tonight. I do have a bag of hazelnuts lying around still...


If there is anything that makes my skin crawl, it's this:


There are a few that I take issue with (Semisonic, Presidents of the USA, Marcy Playground, Eels), most of them make me want to die and totally deserve to be on that list. I can't even enjoy that shit on an "ironic" level.

What makes it different from the pop crap that I listen to otherwise? Well fuck, at least dancey pop is uplifting and fun, and is occasionally experimental sonically. Whereas this stuff...it seems innocuous and vaguely annoying if you look at individual bands, but grouped together like this, you realize how TOTALLY GROSS it all is! AGGH!

For a funny take on this, go here:
and listen to the first clip, Mother 13. Please.

phone crap!

My phone bit the dust, so I need everyone's numbers! Just text me or call me! My number is the same.

restaurant question?


A nice, not over-the-top expensive (like $25 an entree at the MOST), romantic but not ridiculous restaurant? Cuisine? Doesn't really matter, but I'm leaning less towards Asian.


last nite

Wow, Xanadu really IS the worst movie ever. Poor Gene Kelly and the guy from The Warriors.

Mercifully, Helvetica is next up.


Suddenly Tammy! video for "Lamp"!

And since I can't embed it:
The trailer for "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". Whee Russell!

juergen teller did not take these.


web design halp!

Is there anyone on my friends list who does web design? I need help!

So I'm building a site in Dreamweaver, and everything has gone hunky dory, except for the fact that I CAN'T EDIT MY MAIN FRAMESET NOW. AGGGH. I initially set it up, and put in the window links, it's set up horizontally (top frame, bottom frame). But now when I open the main HTML file up in Dreamweaver, it shows me how it should look, but it doesn't let me edit the frame attributes at all - it only lets me edit what's IN the frames. WHYYYY? Note: I did make the frame border 0 so there was no line in between the frames. I'm kind of ready to punch a wall a little.